Crew Count

Our Mission

Crew Count is a coalition of youth dedicated to educating our peers on the importance of voting, how to vote and getting people elected that represent overpoliced groups. 

We are organizing to fundamentally change how elected officials legislate and draft policies for overpoliced and marginalized communities.

What’s the background? 

Crew Count was founded in 2020 to undo the harms of Operation Crew Cut, an NYPD initiative that criminalized the city’s most preyed upon people without constitutional cause. 

Our 4-Step Approach

1. Train Local Organizers

We train youth organizers on civic engagement, voting rights, social justice,  and community organizing.

2. Register Voters in Our Community

We register new voters and educate our community on civic engagement as a tool to create change in our community.

3. Advocate for Community-led Public Safety

We mobilize this voting bloc to push for new solutions to over-policing, gun and gang violence, and other systemic issues.

4. Pressure Candidates on Police Reform

We use our public safety policies to hold candidates and elected officials accountable to the community

Our Work

Block Activations – We hold block activations on over-policed blocks to register new voters and speak directly to our peers.

Partnerships – We work with local and national organizations to support youth-led organizing around public safety, police reform and voter participation.

NYC Votes Curriculum – We partner with NYC Votes to teach our peers about civic engagement and the role of voting in creating a new public safety agenda.

CrewTalk – Launching in the spring, we’re using social media to speak to the issues in our community.

How to get involved

  • Donate dollars and resources to help us scale-up
  • Amplify our work and share our mission across your platforms
  • Partner with us on ways to educate youth on voting engagement
  • Help us advocate for public safety with mayoral candidates