About Us

The Problem

For decades, many New York neighborhoods have battled the same issues – gun violence, under-resourced schools, food apartheid, lack of employment opportunities and more. 

Instead of strategically and intentionally investing in communities, the city of New York has invested huge amounts of money into over-policing and public safety approaches that are not working. 

Introducing We Build The Block

We are a community-led movement to bring our voices to the front of the conversation on public safety

We are organizing our voices to advocate for our needs, elect leaders we can hold accountable, and build solutions to the problems we face. Our work can replace over-policing with better community developed and led models that protect and free us all. 

Our 2021 Goal

Organize the community around voter participation and a
new agenda for public safety in the 2021 NYC mayoral race.

Our Approach

Organize local communities

Promote our youth-led curriculum on voter and civic engagement 

Plan and lead activations on overpoliced blocks to register new voters  and educate communities

Use social media and press to elevate youth concerns and solutions

Pilot new policy + protocols

Pilot new public safety models, working with community organizations, community experts, and members of the NYPD committed to social justice
Use outcomes from pilots to influence policy and protocol recommendations for a community-led public safety agenda

Influence NYC’s public safety debate

Interview and influence candidates to support a community-backed pledge to accomplish community-led public safety solutions

Build awareness about the challenges of police reform 

Shift the conversation on public safety in the mayoral race through events, press, and social media

Our Team

  • Dana Rachlin – Executive Director
  • Michael K. Williams – Co-Founder & Advocate
  • Shani Kulture – Co-Founder & Advocate
  • Jeremiah M. – Crew Count, Co-Founder
  • Colby Dunbar – Crew Count, Co-Founder
  • Royal Hyness Allah – Crew Count, Co-Founder
  • Jahlil Allah – Crew Count, Co-Founder

Campaign Partners

  • Life Camp
  • Future Coalition
  • NYCVotes
  • Clergy for Safe Cities 
  • Build The Bench NYC
  • All Good Things Studio