Letter to Honorable Ronnie Abrams

Let Michael live on in the ways that are courageous, loving, and ambitious, especially for those who need it the most. I urge this Court to honor Michael’s life — not by imposing a lifetime of incarceration on Irvin Cartagena, but by extending the minimum, least incarcerative, and most restorative possible sentence for him and the other men involved in this case.

We Build The Block featured on ABC News

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WNYC Interview on Policing in New York City Schools

[page_title]Posted on [post_published]All the candidates for New York City mayor have different ideas about how to make public schools safer. The issue of school safety agents — and who they report to — has long been a contentious one, and the next mayor could make some big changes. Our Crew Count Co-Founder Royalhyness Allah speaks on his experience. Listen Here

Three Mayoral Candidates Commit to “Police-Free” Public Schools. Here’s What That Means

[page_title]Posted on [post_published]Crew Count Co-Founder Royalhyness Allah shares his experience and speak about why we need police free schools Read Full Article Here

Crew Talk Episode 1 ft Buddha

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Crew Count Co-Founder Jahlil on Democracy NYC’s Voter Education Panel

[page_title]Posted on [post_published]Jahlil shares the Crew Count Curriculum for Voter Education Watch the Full Panel

Crew Count Co-Founder Jeremiah sits down with Police Commissioner Shea

[page_title]Posted on [post_published]Commissioner Shea and NYPD representatives are holding conversations with key community members to hear about their ideas on how to create a shared vision for policing in New York City. Jeremiah sits down to discuss the issues that matter most to his community. Watch the Full Video

Ebro In the Morning Interview’s Michael K. Williams and Dana Rachlin

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ABC News Interview with Michael K. Williams

[page_title]Posted on [post_published]NEW YORK CITY — In this episode of Here and Now, we’re taking a look at the global outcry for racial equality in a nation with a history rooted in slavery and racial discrimination. Read Full Story

Nick Cannon’s Interview with Dana Rachlin

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